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Challenging an immigration decision

Having your Visa application refused or your visa cancelled can be a devastating and morale-destroying experience.

When it happens, it can make you feel more than frustrated: you can feel as though you’re alone and have no options and no voice. But the reality is that you still probably do.

Many immigration decisions can be challenged in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and will be heard on its merits. You also often have the right to review a decision of the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and the Immigration Assessment Authority in the Federal Circuit Court.

If you choose to exercise this right, you’ll need to comply with a number of rules and regulations before you have your claim heard. You’ll also need to bring your challenge quickly because the government imposes strict time limits on your right to challenge immigration claims, which it usually cannot extend.

For this reason, when you’re challenging an immigration decision, it pays to get everything right first time. In engaging with us, we’ll assist you in gathering evidence and bring forth yourclaim in an efficient and effective manner.

We can:

  • Advise you on your rights and your options when it comes to challenging a decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court
  • Bring a claim on your behalf challenging a decision to cancel or refuse your Visa
  • Help you gather evidence and build the best case possible in supporting your claim
  • Write to the Minister on your behalf when it’s in your interest to apply for Ministerial intervention
  • Arrange translators for the transcription of documents so that you can best understand what is happening
  • Respond on your behalf to any questions raised by the Department of immigration or the Minister
  • Help you with any other legal matters or issues that arise
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