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Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation claims

If you have been injured at work, Prominent Lawyers can help.

We know that many people do not appreciate just how debilitating a workplace accident can be. After all, it is not always simply the pain of the injury that affects you. There is often also the impact it has on our family and personal lives, as well as the psychological trauma of not being able to work.

Our expert workers compensation team will always try to achieve a result that sticks to the law and takes into account the full extent of what you’re going through. We will help you understand all your options and give you the best chance of getting on with your life.

Our expertise includes:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Workplace bullying claims
  • Psychological injuries
  • Workplace death claims
  • NSW Workers Compensation Commission claims
  • Lump sum and permanent impairment claims
  • Medical expenses claims
  • Wages claim
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