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Insolvency and Debt Recovery

Insolvency and debt recovery

No matter whether you’re chasing down a debt or whether your business has become insolvent we’ll help you reach a workable outcome.

Unfortunately, insolvency and bankruptcy are a standard feature of commercial life. So running an effective business means also having a practical and effective approach to recovering debts and enforcing your rights – one based on commercial reality, not just theory.

Sometimes, the inherent risk of business may also mean that we can become the ones who are unable to meet our obligations. And, when that happens, it’s vital that we know our rights and work out a practical plan for meeting our commitments to creditors and customers.

Whether you’re looking to enforce a debt, enforce your rights or just for practical advice on your options around insolvency and bankruptcy, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Enforcing and recovering debts
  • Advice on insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Negotiating practical outcomes, mediation and settlements
  • Advising businesses on risks and liabilities
  • Defending directors for breaches of the Corporations Act
  • Negotiated settlements or mediations
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