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Family Law Settlements

If your marriage or relationship is breaking down we can help you reach a financial or property settlement that gives you certainty about your financial position and lets you move forward.

After all, one of the most difficult things about separating or divorcing is usually working out who is entitled to what. Instead, it often becomes an obstacle in the way of letting both partners get on with their lives.

We will negotiate an agreement that works for you and we will do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will also make sure you receive full recognition of everything you brought to the relationship, both financial and non-financial.

Our expertise includes:

  • Negotiating settlements that last
  • Settling matters out of court
  • Saving on legal costs
  • Applying for and obtaining consent orders
  • Negotiating and applying for binding financial agreements
  • Appearing in Family Court when no agreement can be reached
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