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    Car Accident Attorneys Tell All: What to do immediately after a car accident

    Featured Image What To Do Immediately After Car Accident

    Being involved in a car accident can be a frightening experience, with many factors to consider in the aftermath. Our team of car accident attorneys understand the nature and impacts of being involved in a vehicle accident. Accidents may be a result of various factors ranging from behavioural to environmental, and in most cases can be prevented if the right precautions have been taken while operating a vehicle.

    Statistics conducted by NSW Centre for Road Safety showed the many contributing factors to motor vehicle accidents.

    Our vehicle accident law firm attorneys narrowed it down to three following behavioural variables:

    • Involvement of speeding
    • Involvement of fatigue
    • Involvement of alcohol

    According to the most recent study, of the three variables, 46%, 20% and 16% of motorists were subject to the aforementioned causes respectively. Other determinants may be further broken down into more specific categories such as environmental surroundings, regional conditions, weather circumstances and even demographics including gender, age group and licence levels.

    No matter the cause or situation surrounding a vehicle accident, car accidents can present great deals of pressure to those involved. Besides the inconvenience of being without a vehicle, in the case of a write-off or repair, common injuries in various forms may also occur. These include physical, such as spinal cord injuries, brain, head or neck injuries; psychological such as emotional distress, anxiety and depression or post-traumatic stress order; or financial stresses.

    Depending on the cause and circumstances of the incident, parties may also have a strong legal claim worth fighting for to make up for any physical, emotional or financial damages brought about by involvement. Following involvement, it is vital to seek legal advice and assistance from a vehicle accident law firm. To handle the occurrence most effectively, especially in the lead up to any proceedings, there are a few precautions to be taken, to be further discussed.

    For people involved in a traffic accident the first time ‘round, the steps you take to ensure you, and any other parties involved, handle the situation well, are vital in the immediate and long-term repercussions of the incident.

    Right After the Car Accident Has Occurred:

    First things – your health and safety. Before making any decisions, the most important thing to determine is the wellbeing of all involved. Whether to call the police to intervene, or handle the situation on the spot, is dependent on the circumstances of the incident as follows:

    What To Do After The Car Accident Lawyers Advice - Infographic

    Vehicle Accident Law Firm Insights: A Step-by-Step Guide Instantly After Traffic Accident

    1. Stay calm and take all necessary precautions Following the shock and often unseen nature of traffic accidents, it is easy for people involved to feel uneasy and distressed. It is important not to panic and to remain calm, cool and collected. In any instance of stress or nerves, actions must be carefully controlled and emotions dealt with.Necessary precautions should then be made including alerting other passers-by that the vehicle/s are out of action by turning on hazard lights. Where possible, to remain out of heavy traffic areas is also desirable, such as moving to a quiet side street if there have been no injuries and the cars are still operative.
    2. Exchange Necessary Information The following step, and perhaps one of the most important is to gather as much information as possible. This is especially vital to file an insurance claim, or in some accident cases, a lawsuit.As a minimum requirement, the following information should be collated:
      • All details surround event to be provided to car accident attorneys
      • Noted date, time and location of the crash
      • Driver’s licence details (of all involved if this a multi-vehicle incident)
      • Updated details of name, address and licence number (in any case of the former two being different to licence)
      • The vehicles involved, including licence plate number and even make/model
      • Contact details of all parties involved
      • Contact details of any witnesses if there are, and are willing to cooperate
      • Images of all vehicles involved, especially of damage that has occurred
      • Images of all injuries, bruising etc. if any.


      If possible, it could also be worthwhile to get the insurance details of involved parties including insurance provider and insurance policy number. If you have been injured you must report the accident within 28 days to the police, otherwise, you will not be entitled to proceed with a compensation claim.

    Q: Without the assistance of police, what would give motorists reason to believe an involved party may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
    A: If one suspects that an involved party may be affected by either alcohol or drugs, it is important to monitor behaviour, appearance and in the instance of alcohol, even smell. If for any reason you do suspect this may be a factor, trust your instinct and phone the police on triple zero (000).

    1. Leave it to the insurer’s Insurers should be the first point of contact for advice- whether or not police have attended and whether or not the vehicle has been towed. After contacting your insurance company and reporting the incident, it is important that they unfold the facts and gather the evidence to make their decision- and more important determine the party ‘at fault.’Do not at this point admit to the fault as being your own, especially before any investigations have taken place. The last thing you want to do is place any weakness on your claim, particularly if the fact of the matter is that you are not at fault. Stand firm and do not feel intimidated.If either vehicle needs to be towed, towing company must be contacted- as recommended by insurer or company of choice.
      Insurers will then handle the claim- after receiving confirmation and further details from repairers and speaking with all parties involved, including any willing witnesses at hand.

    Q: What if I suspect a driver has provided false details?
    A: If for any reason you suspect an involved driver has purposely given the incorrect details or there seems to be signs of suspicious behaviour, contact the police immediately who will then advise of the necessary steps to take, or visit the scene of the crash to further assist. Whether the culprit has fled the scene or not, report the matter and leave it in police hands. Note any details you may find helpful in the investigation. It is also crucial to notify the vehicle accident law firm handling the case of all factors surrounding the incident.

    1. How Do I Determine If I Have a Legal Case of Compensation Law at Hand and If I Should Consult a Car Accident Attorney? After the formalities and proceedings following the incident, you may have a strong case worth bringing to light to seek compensation. At Prominent Lawyers, we understand recovering from motor injuries and incidents can be much more difficult when dealing with the complexities of the law. If you feel your case is worth fighting for, it is worth contacting us to assist.
      Claims may be in the form of:

      • Injury Claims
      • CTP Greenslip Claims
      • Car, motorbike and truck accidents
      • Pedestrian Injuries
      • Medical Expense Claims
      • Wages Claims
      • Care Claims
      • Other claims can be advised according to vehicle accident law firm attorneys.


      There are time limits relating to compensation claims, see us immediately to help before the time limits expire.

    2. Is this Legal Process of Car Accident Claims Difficult?With any legal proceeding, the law is complex and can be challenging at times. As professionals, our aim is to make the process as simple as possible, so that parties can focus on recovering or dealing with the aftermath, while we focus on the legal aspects.As a proficient vehicle accident law firm, our car accident attorneys will aim to make the process as smooth as possible, and most importantly, keep in constant communication with all our clients, to continually notify them of the progress of their case.The Prominent procedure is as simple as:How To Work With Vehicle Accident Law Firm - InfographicIn the first step, we will help determine the merits of your compensation claim and advise on the likelihood of a successful claim.
    1. What are the alternatives if I do not have to go to Court?As court is the often the last resort taken by car accident attorneys, if a settlement was not agreed upon following the relevant legal proceedings, there are alternatives to Court.
      These include:

      • Negotiation
      • Information Mediation
      • Formal Mediation
      • Arbitration
      • Other Alternative Dispute Resolution methods


      No matter the course of the case, from the initial consultation to the final process, we ensure a smooth process, with the interests of clients at the forefront of any outcomes and decisions.

    Q: What is the likelihood of going to Court?
    A: Court hearings are the final process we like to resort to. Given the lengthy time frame and high costs involved with court cases, we aim to settle any claim outside of court as a first priority. Our vow is to only resort to court hearings if is in the best interest of our client.

    We hope traffic accidents are kept to a minimum at all times, however, at times, situations may be out of our control. For further information on what to do and how to handle a case, we encourage clients- current and prospective- to contact our team of car accident attorneys for further information and assistance.

    Built on values of care, passion, proactivity, honour and empathy, our business morals are our guidance in handling each case with attention and a strong desire for what we do.

    The comments in the article are general in nature and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. Anyone intending to apply the information contained in this newsletter should seek their own professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances. This article is issued as a helpful guide to clients and for their private information. Therefore, it should be regarded as confidential and not be made available to any person without our prior approval.

    Liability limited by a scheme, approved under the Professional Standards Legislation.

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